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February 13th, 2007

09:26 pm - Good Fortune and Bad Performance
It's odd how fortune can change over the course of a fortnight and in the past 2 weeks I've found myself the proud recipient of a £500 tax refund cheque and a new job while learning that everyone who I used to work with at Tchibo is getting the tchop. While a minute of sympathy goes out to them it's also hard not to feel the slightest bit smug. That said, my new job is only temporary and is in an office for the local council so myabe I should stay a little more grounded. I'm not where I want to be. Yet.

The affectionately-abbreviated Larry C embarked on a journey to Durham last week for their 3rd gig. Early reports are quiet although we were apparently mooned mid-set which, and I hope my pride shines through in these typed words, is the strongest critical response we've had so far. I'd like to be more specific but due to a high white wine and Guinness intake (not to mention a toxic solitary vodka and coke) my authority is highly questionable and I barely remember playing at all. In keeping with traditon video evidence of us making spectacles of ourselves does exist but I haven't been man enough to brave it yet. There's something quite awkward about watching footage of yourself drunk and while I've done it before I don't think it's the same if you're on a stage prancing about like Pete Townsend. This is not some sort of admission of paedophilia before anyone tries to be clever.

My film-a-day oath is dead in the ground. The past week has proved that such a challenge is not approproiate for someone with such a short attention span and as a result only half-films have been viewed. Utterly useless.

January 19 - The Godfather, The Toolbox Murders (2004)
January 20 - nothing
January 21 - The Godfather Pt II (1st disc)
January 22 - The Godfather Pt II (2nd disc)
January 23 - Kind Hearts and Coronets
January 24 - none
January 25 - Bloody Mary
January 26 - Love Object, Hide and Seek
January 27 - Reeker, The Bone Collector
January 28 - Red Eye, Dawn of the Dead (remake)
January 29 - the Tooth Fairy
January 30 - none
January 31 - Dead Mary

(nb: note the Long Weekend of Dreadful Horror.)

Valentines Day tomorrow. The first 5 people to private message me with declarations of love and proposals of marriage will each get an expressly delivered real live (er..as possible) cow heart. Sexy.

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January 19th, 2007

12:13 am - Unemployment and enjoyment
Well, the days go on and yet the search for employment only proves more fruitless. I'm only typing this entry now as a diversion from emailing a bunch of employment agency harridans my cv attached to a bunch of lies stating why I am the right man for whatever job they have on offer. The whole point of walking out of my previous job, along with the awful conditions, people, pay and unbearable office hierarchy, was that I'd have time to reflect and sort out where I wanted to be along with the luxury of having some money. However, funds are now depleted and my standards are slipping. I almost said yes to the possibility of call centre work yesterday although quickly realised how enormous an error that would be. I keep thinking about how ultimately I "can't" and so perhaps teaching is the inexorable conclusion after all. Your suggestions, requests and funding are all welcome in this ongoing quest.

After their first gig, Laurence Claxson and the Ranters limp on. There's at least 3 gigs booked over the next couple of months which is more than some bands manage in a lifetime. Or so I keep telling myself. Footage of the first gig is available on YouTube although I suspect most people will find it harder to stomach the recent controversial Saddam footage. That said, playing live was a most enjoyable experience, if only for us. Mark the Shark and my good self have used up minutes of tape recording slightly different versions of the same songs again and again over the last few days. The only notable variations being the different mistakes in each song. The band really needs a demo if we're ever going to hawk our wares so perhaps something could be salvaged from our efforts.

The great film project steams forward without shame. Feel free to get off the edge of your seats for the latest results are in:

January 8 - none
January 9 - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (terrible)
January 10 - Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sex...
January 11 - none
January 12 - The Man Who Knew Too Much (1955 remake)
January 13 - none
January 14 - Final Destination 2 (pure drivel)
January 15 - none
January 16 - Psycho (1960 original)
January 17 - Heat (Michael Mann film)
January 18 - Walkabout


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January 10th, 2007

07:29 pm - Quote of the Day
"Mark, how come we've been to university and been completely independent and yet we're all now back home living with our parents?"
" Because we've got no money"
"Ah, yes"

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January 9th, 2007

11:01 pm - Ground Zero
Let's start this again.

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